It's An 'Insult' To Choose Joe Mettle Over All Gospel Musicians - Patience Nyarko

Gospel singer, Patience Nyarko says it's an insult to the kingdom of God for any person to place Joe Mettle as topnotch musician in the gospel music industry in Ghana.

According to Patience Nyarko, she has no problem with her colleague musician Joe Mettle but her anger against him was borne out of some statements that a Presenter on Accra-based radio station Vision 1, O.B Nartey made regarding Joe Mettle.

She disclosed that the Presenter was giving a countdown of his top gospel musicians and singled out Joe Mettle to be the only musician he would choose to represent Ghana on the international level.

Patience Nyarko has come under intense attacks on social media for screaming with pain that Joe Mettle doesn't deserve the hype he is getting from music enthusiasts.

She believes the musician is being overpampered and therefore warned it might not augur well for him.

She appeared on Onua FM's Anigye Mmre show on Saturday, May 16 and was addressing why Ghana's gospel music is not penetrating the international market.

During the interview, the singer became emotional and vented her spleen on the ''Bo Noo Ni'' hit maker saying''I don't want people to think that Joe Mettle is the only Gospel artiste in Ghana. The way they are hyping him, I want people to know that he is not there yet. Sincerely, they are giving the guy a problem, I'm telling you''.

Her point is very simple that Joe Mettle doesn't compose his own songs but rather sings Methodist and Pentecostal songs.

"When we talk about English songs, how many songs does Joe Mettle have? Is it not Pentecost songs that Joe Mettle sings? If the church of Pentecost and Methodist church should ban people from using their songs, what will be Joe Mettle's fate?"

"What about those of us who write our own songs. Look at Nacee, Diana Hamilton, and Joyce Blessing who write their own songs. We have all been ignored because we don't speak English. Is English food we eat?"she asked.

Although Patience Nyarko has incurred the wrath of some people, she however solidly stands by her words.

To her, it is an affront to the Kingdom of God and the gospel fraternity for any person to choose Joe Mettle as a favourite among all the gospel musicians in Ghana.

"What makes him number 1? Is it because he sings English songs? What qualities are you using to place him number 1? We don't build an industry with one person. You have to respect everybody's efforts. Joe may be good but that doesn't mean he is the only person to represent the whole big industry like Ghana's industry. If you to even talk about English songs, Sonnie Badu is the originator. He opened the door and you've disrespected him too. We have a lot of people who are doing very well.

"We have Diana Hamilton, Patience Nyarko, Ceccy Twum, Joyce Blessing and so forth. You will give us morale when you put it this way. But if you single out one person, what makes him number 1?'' 

She questioned in an interview with host Halifax Ansah Addo on Okay FM's 'Best Entertainment'.

Watch her full submissions below:

Source:Ameyaw Adu Gyamfi/

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